Business Facilitation & Lobbying

Do you want to start a business in the Bangladesh? Things could be easier if you are aware of key factors like Local Regulations, Attitude of Government Officials, Local Project Financing and Banking Process, Availability of Outsourcing Experts, Human Resource Availability, Banking and Foreign Exchange Policies, Unfair Practice Adapted by Competition, and Your Ultimate Exit Plan.

Let our team of Project Facilitators help you to set up your business from BOI Registration, Incorporation, Office Set Up, Executive Search, Government Permit & Licenses, Environmental Clearance and Competitive Shopping for your Product Line as well as any other services you need to start the business.

ThirdHouse provides business set up service to institutions, investors, companies, International Organizations, and individuals and provides an extensive network of lobbying and business facilitation in all aspect of business.

From Business Registration to Government Licensing, Tax Planning,and Lobbying come to us. During your day-to-day business, any crisis may happen we can manage. We have a team of ex-government officials’ dignitaries and professional workforce to help you.

You do your part and let us help you to grow your business in Bangladesh. Just Email or call us for an appointment, we will start the process for you.