Executive Search Firm in Bangladesh.

Third House International Ltd has a dedicated to Search senior management and C-level or executive, hard-to-find, and niche employment positions in Bangladesh.
Our Executive Recruiters and Headhunters utilize active and passive talent sourcing through multiple recruitment channels to locate and attract top performers with the ideal skill sets and competencies you need to add to your organization

C-Level and Senior Management Recruitment

We help companies of varied sizes identify high-level talent so they can develop a dynamic leadership team with the right combination of skills and character traits. We will assist you in establishing an internal pipeline of senior leaders capable of executing quality solutions and driving long-term success to your company.
We provide a full suite of Executive Recruitment solutions rooted in industry best practices and experience-based methodologies, from executive skills assessment and market benchmarking to strategic salary alignment and culture fit evaluation.

C-level Positions
Vice President
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Senior Management Positions
Finance Manager
Operations Manager
Project Manager
Marketing Manager
HR Manager
Sales Manager
Technical/IT Manager
Business Development Manage
Other Managerial Positions
Niche and Technical Positions Recruitment

We also locate top-performing individuals for specialized positions with limited available talent in the market. We employ targeted selection and advanced research tools to source candidates who are employed and not actively seeking new employment opportunities but are the perfect fit for your vacancies.
We exhaust multiple talent mapping strategies to create a strong slate of candidates with skill sets and professional backgrounds that match your exact specifications – providing you with an excellent avenue to assess who among your top picks have the most potential to excel and take more challenging roles in your organization.

Our Headhunting team identifies exceptional candidates for hard-to-find positions in the following industries:

Construction and Engineering
Power and Energy
Banking and Finance
Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
Information Technology – Business Process Outsourcing (IT-BPO) and Shared Services
Supply Chain and Logistics
Medical Technology (medtech)
Other specialized fields
Educational Technology (edtech)

Recruitment Process (Overseas Project)

Collection of Demand Order and Power of Attorney from the Client - in the name of Recruiting Agency.

Screening the potential candidates from our database as per the specifications of the Client.

The recruiting agent shall arrange potential candidates for Interview for the final selection by the Client. Before the Interview the workers shall be informed about wages, working hours, overtime and holidays, food, medical, duration, air passage etc.

Medical Examination of the selected workers are done from the approved Medical Center.

Medically fit workers papers along with the signed Employment Contract of the workers to be forwarded to the Client for Visa Processing.

After receiving the visa documents from the client an orientation shall be arranged by the agent. Hence, the Manpower Clearance / Permission to be collected for the workers as per the existing rules of Bangladesh Government.

Finally, the Employer or the Agent arrange air tickets for the workers to send them to their job under the Employer at overseas country.

Recruitment Process (Domestic Project)

- As per the requirement of the client the workers are arranged for interview at project site or to a testing center to select the workers by the client’s representative.
- Qualified and selected workers are sending to Project site as per the schedule of the Client.

Class Category
Admin - Engineer (Safety)
- Safety Officer
- Planning consultants
- Architectural consultants
- Supervisor (Mechanical )
- Supervisor ( Iron Work )
- Supervisor ( Rigging )
- QC Inspectors
- Materials Controller
- Document Controller
- Store Keeper
Diploma Engineer - Surveyors
- Cost engineer or Quantity surveyors
- Engineer ( Field)
B. Sc. Engineer - Mechanical engineers
- Electrical engineers
- Structural engineers
- Fire protection engineers
- Civil engineers
- Mechanical engineers
- Electrical engineers
- Engineer (Quantity)
Foreman - Foreman (Mechanical)
- Foreman ( Iron work)
- Foreman ( Piping)
- Foreman ( Rigging)
Welder - Welder, Arc
- Welder, TIG
Technician - Steel fixers
- AC Technicians
- Cabinet makers, Plumbers
- Carpenters
- Cements ( Foundation) Contractors
- Painters
- Electricians
- Dry wall workers
- Brick layers
- Flooring installers
- Masons, Painters
- IIron worker
- Rigger
- Pipe Fitter
- Scaffold
- Mill Wright
- IInsulator
- Electrical Technician
Equipment Operator - Crane operators and other Heavy machine operators,
Driver - Driver Light and Heavy duty