Dispute Management

Dispute Management consists of policies, procedures, systems, skills and resources to enable organizations to successfully manage disputes. The management of disputes covers disputes that occur with in an organization, such as workplace disputes, employer/employee negotiations, harassment, and, disputes that involve an organization and an external third party, such as regulators, customers, trading partners and the community.

Third House International Ltd Tax and Dispute Resolution experts are delivered these key Services:

Tax Dispute Prevention Techniques

We can help you develop sound policies and processes that can provide defensible models and help safeguard your organization against audits and disputes.

Tax Audit Management Practices

By understanding your organization and its policies, we can help you effectively manage tax audits and examinations.

Tax Dispute Resolution Alternatives

We can work with you, at both the local and international level, to implement practices that can reduce or eliminate prolonged disputes--or the likelihood of costly litigation, and leverage our expertise in virtually all forms of tax dispute resolution.

  • Industry focused Business reviews of your current business model.
  • A clear view of your VAT Issues and Risks.
  • A VAT-model that fully integrates New Entities.
  • Appropriate Internal Controls and processes
  • A VAT structure that uses VAT grouping or local and cross-border cost-sharing associations
Successful Management
Dispute Management