Joint Venture Facilitation

Are you considering expanding your business in Bangladesh? Are you an entrepreneur, seeking a Joint Venture Partner from overseas?
We can help you to meet the right partner who would understandyour culture, business environment, finance and market. We will locate multiple potential JV partners and do the due diligence.

Joint Ventures & Alliances

Most of the time, alliances or business relationships go wrong due to neglect of the initial phase, which is strategy development. Before preparing or structuring a JV, deal, our expert Consultants make both the interested companies to have a solid understanding of mutual economics. It is very important for firms to choose partners with complementary resources, capabilities and knowledge. Trust between partners is an important precondition to learning as it enables knowledge sharing. A comprehensive JV Contract and cooperative relationship contributes substantially to the formation of trust between JV partners. Trust in turn, enhances satisfaction and commitment to JV. Partners must also decide whether one partner will dominate the JV by taking all management responsibilities or whether control will be shared. Like equity level, making this decision requires consideration of context.
To achieve the full benefit of forming a JV, management control should be split according to the partners’ functional expertise. Where conflict between partners arises, the best approach for each to consider what is best for the JV rather than for one partner versus the other.

We assist our clients through several stages of the joint venture process like:
(1) Strategy Development.
(2) Partner Selection.
(3) Negotiate Terms and Deal Structure.
(4) Operating Implementation.

At the same time, we have experience coming into an alliance after problems have appeared and supporting management on a restructuring to optimize value for both parties.

Questions that normally asked by our JV facilitation team to match JV Partners are as follows:

To assess the Rationale of Partners to form JV

What are the objectives?
What sort of resources do JV partners need to achieve their respective objectives?
Do partners want to access or acquire these resources?
Are the partners forming JV for long or short term?
Is JV a best option?

Matching a JV Partner

Does the potential partner have the resources to match the requirement of JV seeking partner?

Would the potential partner provide access to the resources required by JV seeking partner?

What are the goals of JV partners? Are they matching?

Are the partners compatible?

Does the potential JV partner have experience in managing JV?

Negotiating Terms of JV Partnership

Is the management of both partners in full support of the JV?
What is best for the JV Partnership?
What are the typical practices in the industry?
How to assess the performance of JV?
Is each party aware of other’s assumptions?
What level of equity is appropriate?
Who will manage the JV?
What are the unresolved issues?

JV Implementation& Management Structure

How to handle disputes that may arise?
Are partners learning from JV partnership?
How to renegotiate terms if one or more partners think it necessary?
If the JV does not perform as anticipated, how to turn it around?
Under what condition the JV partnership should be terminated?

We live in a time when the global economy is increasingly integrated. A great JV Partnership is essential and advantageous for fastestgrowth in global market.

Call to us today, we will find your potential JV Partner in Bangladesh, at the quickest possible time.

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